Distributed through Australia by Doric – For decades, Colonial Castings has been perfecting the ultimate talking-point of prestigious, modern homes. Now, it’s time to start welcoming your guests through a front entrance like no other; greet them with a luxurious, designer door that radiates the spirit of your house and the personality of the ones who make it a home.

And, you won’t have to sacrifice form for function. We’ve made sure that durability and strength are as prominent in the design as sophistication and beauty.

What’s the Colonial difference? It’s the joy we find in creating a piece of urban artwork that welcomes you home each and every day. It’s the unparalleled innovation in technology and design. It’s the way our family cares for yours.

That’s the Colonial difference.

Design &

Dramatic, elegant or modern, traditional or something entirely new; no matter what style of home you’ve designed, the Colonial Castings’ collection of stunning security doors will seamlessly integrate into and enhance your front entrance.

Ahead of its time in decadent home luxury, Colonial doors are so much more than a traditional security device. Stunningly adorned with unique floating panels, these prestigious doors will transform the face of your home into something truly special; an inviting frontage with soul and distinct character.

The panel designs include a vast array of mould cast aluminium patterns, styles, powder coated colours and stunning glass elements; all of which are simply the foundation of an artwork ready to be created by you.

Technology &

An absolute masterpiece in design technology, Colonial Castings world-class security screen doors are built with an exclusive construction technique. You can relax knowing your home is safeguarded by state-of-the-art security innovation, without having to compromise on aesthetics or personal taste.

Intricately detailed, perfectly fashioned and immaculately presented, Colonial doors are vital for ensuring unsurpassed safety and quality for your most expensive asset, and the precious people in it.

Peace of mind can now look as beautiful as the home you live in.


We believe the entrance that defines your home deserves the ultimate in care and attention. Thoughtfully engineered to hide unsightly fixings and create a seamless and perfect impression, each and every Colonial door is lovingly hand­made by our family craftsmen, who have perfected the art over many decades.

Rest assured, these magnificent doors are of the highest quality standard available in the world today, engineered with a unique two-part protective system that delivers unparalleled strength and exclusivity in home luxury.


Robust, beautifully, seamless, strong.

Robust, beautifully, seamless, strong.

Combining a polyurethane adhesive that embeds through the perforations of the screen, with a robust aluminium bead with concealed snapping provides a system which is both beautifully seamless and incredibly strong.

Designed to keep your home secure.

Designed to keep your home secure.

The 2 part system is designed to absorb and spread the load from the impacts of the Australian Standards tests to ensure your home is safe and secure.


Our Colonial Castings Security Doors have been tested to the following standards when they are assembled with genuine Colonial Castings components and our exacting specifications.


The design of this door has come about through years of testing, developing and relining a product that is designed specifically for the varied Australian conditions and with the safety of your home as our top priority, with this we offer a 6 year warranty* and have tested the doors to meet all Australian security standards.

Dynamic Impact

Intruders relying on brute force and severe impact to invade your home will /ind themselves defeated by the patented two ­part strengthening system of our superior Colonial doors. The robust aluminium mesh screen and aluminium panel work together to create a barrier that absorbs and spreads the shock of severe force, keeping you and your home secure.

Probe, Knife & Shear

Sharp implements and slicing tools are no match for the incredible strength of Colonial Castings premium mesh. And while the mesh has been designed to resist shearing, impad and slicing, it won’t hamper air flow, giving your home both vital protection and fresh breezes it deserves.

Pulling & Jemmy

There’s more than just aesthetic appeal in the powder coated mesh and fused decorative panel elements. The combination of structural strength along with a concealed snap aluminium beading creates a single impenetrable barrier which protects the frame from jemmying, and thwarts pulling and tugging attempts.





At Colonial Castings Security we know that your home is unique and should be an extension of who you are, that’s why we give you the ability to colour your frame and match it to the security mesh of your choice.

Our standard colour and mesh selection is found to the right however if you’re after something a little more unique please contact your Colonial Castings Specialist.

Hardware Selection

Security Mesh

316 Stainless

Punched/Perforated 2mm Thick

Restricted Vision 2mm Thick

Our Colour Range


For nearly 70 years, the Colonial Castings family has been designing and creating prestigious, exquisite pieces of furniture and panels that are unparalleled in strength and modern design.

From day one our customers became part of our business world, their faith in us is what drives our innovation. You trusted us with the challenge of creating a security door that not only exceeds industry standards but is unique and stylish enough to compliment your home.

We are immensely proud of each and every hand-crafted door that leaves the skilled hands of our master craftsmen. Each door tells a story of the Colonial family history, from the moment of design to it’s adornment on exquisite homes across the country. At Colonial Castings, you’re never just a customer.

You’re invited to come in and join us in crafting a bespoke showpiece for your home, and find out just how unique and welcoming the Colonial Castings family is.